120802 Yongguk's aegyo @ Shindong's Shim Shim Tapa Radio

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Dear Babys,

Just a small update!

B.A.P will receive our food support on 2 Aug 2012 (Thurs) during MCountdown!

TS had informed us that there won’t be recording on 5 Aug Sunday for Inkigayo (most probably due to the Olympics Games), and fancafe had posted that the pre-recording for 5 Aug show is…


P/S: I’ve spent 2 hours just to translate leader’s message T_T Considering I’m still not an expert in Korean, please bear with some of my lousy sentence structure. Really wanna share this with international Babys because I think Leader’s msg is so meaningful and heart aching. The main gist of what…

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B.A.P Photobk Take 2: Daehyun’s msg to Babys (Translation)

Babys! Hello. I’m B.A.P’s Daehyun.

Finally B.A.P’s 2nd photobook is published. ㅎㅎFirst album Warrior, subsequently to second album Power, thanks to Babys’ love and encouragement, we finished everything…

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”[…] I would like to be an normal person. I’m really thankful but the excessive interest I’ve received is burdensome”

Bang Yongnam, Yongguk’s brother, tweeted this. It has been suggested that we make a post about it so more BABYs can see it. Linking the video was a mistake on our part and we would like to apologize for it. This is going to be the last post we make regarding Yongnam and we will not answer questions about him anymore. 

Moreover, we know some of you are sorry towards Yongnam but we think the best way to deal with that is to stop talking about it. Don’t mention him on twitter, even if it’s to apologize, as this is only getting him more attention and that’s the opposite of what he wants. Please respect his wishes and privacy.

Sowwie to Bang Yongnam and apologies to Bang Yongguk as well…

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Who’s your favorite Matoki and your favorite B.A.P member?

eek. fav matoki? = keke mato. Fav B.A.P member?= Leadershii Bang Yongguk! <3

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National Library of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic (photo by Raphael Neff)

I wanna go here!

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” One dies, million cries. Million dies, no one cries”

“Do more than just watch”

Protecting childhoods

Think back to your childhood. Now imagine you had no time to play, you were forced to work or you had to become a parent to your brothers or sisters.

For too many children around…